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As you’ve probably heard, the former Bruce Jenner covers the new issue of Vanity Fair and we got our first look at her sure-to-be-iconic photos today.

Within minutes of the her debut, Caitlyn Jenner became an instant media sensation, amassing more than 1 million followers within hours of her first tweet.

Of course, those in her inner circle knew Caitlyn had completed her transition long before she shared the news with the rest of the world, and as is to be expected with any major life change, there were some minor bumps in the road. 

New excerpts from the Vanity Fair article – written by Friday Night Lights scribe Buzz Bissinger – detail some of the more awkward moments of Bruce’s transition, most notably his eagerness to show off his breast implants to his 33-year-old son, Brandon Jenner.

“Brandon said he was a little taken aback when he saw Caitlyn for the first time after surgery and she pulled her top up to reveal her new breasts,” Bissinger writes. “‘Whoa, I’m still your son,’ he reminded her.” 

Sounds like Brandon is capable of laughing about the situation now, but there were other difficult moments that weren’t quite as funny, such as when Caitlyn’s four oldest children informed her that they would not be participating in her upcoming reality series. 

Caitlyn says she was “terribly disappointed and terribly hurt” by the decision at first, but has since come around.

The E! network “docuseries” chronicling Caitlyn’s transition is set to debut on July 26.