The Royals Season 1 Episode 10 Recap: Our Wills and Fates Do So Contrary Run

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Sunday evening's The Royals Season 1 Episode 10, entitled "Our Wills and Fates Do So Contrary Run," sort of said it all with its title, didn't it?

No matter how much Queen Helena and her hot mess family may mean well, their fates seem predestined to pull them in different directions.

Such was the case in the first season finale, which saw Simon pass away following his shocking stabbing, and a successor officially named.

That successor is none other than the smarmy Cyrus, a man whose mere presence was enough to make us cringe long before he was king.

How long will his reign last? Given that neither Liam nor Eleanor’s blood was actually tested - not a big surprise - he may well be overthrown.

Not yet, however. For now, Liam has lost the throne ... and Ophelia, who left Great Britain for New York City to pursue her career as a dancer.

Following the assassination of Captain Lacey, Helena's love life is also shaping up to be a bit different when you watch The Royals online.

We also finally got some answers, or at least hints that there are answers out there somewhere, as to who is responsible for Robert’s death.

Little is concretely known about the group behind this nefarious act, but its logo / insignia was revealed on stationary in Helena's possession.

Seriously, is there anything she does not have her hands in? The queen remains an enigma to this day, a woman impossible to get a read on.

Finally ... Prudence is pregnant with Cyrus’ baby, introducing yet another crazy plot twist that should be fun to watch play out come Season 2.

What'd you think of the finale? How long will Cyrus' tenure as monarch last? Will Liam and Ophelia get back together? Is Helena good or evil?

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