Supergirl Trailer: It's Not a Bird, It's Not a Plane...

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A bird is not coming to CBS. Neither is a plane. Nor a man for that matter.

Instead, CBS confirmed today that Supergirl will air on Monday nights this fall, giving us our first look at Melissa Benoist in the famous comic book role and Calista Flockhart as her boss, Cat Grant.

The first AWESOME look, we should say.

Seriously, we dare you to watch this trailer and not start the Supergirl countdown immediately in your head:

Supergirl will pick up 12 years after Kara Zor-El was sent to Earth by her parents.

She’s been keeping her powers a secret, however, working as a lowly assistant and getting a bit restless with her “normal” existence.

But this all changes when she's forced to use her abilities to save her sister's life, outing herself in the process and starting on a similar path made famous by her brother.

Yes, Superman is talked about often on Supergirl, as the characters reside within the same universe.

Check out the preview now and, don't worry, we've already added Benoist to the following photo gallery:

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