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Today is April 15, which means that if you haven’t filed your taxes, you might as well just head to the local police station, turn yourself in, and pray that you don’t get Aaron Hernandez as a cellmate.

We kid. But seriously, not paying your taxes can land you in serious trouble, especially if you’re a high-profile multi-millionaire.

If you’re a $9-an-hour sandwich artist at Subway, the government probably isn’t monitoring you quit as closely as the people on this list:

The 17 celebs in the gallery above became famous in different ways; they’re from different generations, and different parts of the country.

They all have one thing in common though – they tried to stiff Uncle Sam, and he responded by laying the serious smackdown.

Some of these cases you might be familiar with (Wesley Snipes was just released from prison in 2013 after serving nearly three years for tax evasion.), while others are a little lesser-known. (You won’t believe how much Lil Wayne owes the government.)

Regardless of your personal feelings about paying taxes, it’s important to remember that without them, the government couldn’t afford key features of our national infrastructure, like bridges and highways. 

And you can use those bridges and highways to flee to Mexico or Canada to escape your tax debt!

But if you decide to stay put, make sure you come up with a better excuse that Lauryn Hill. Dafuq were you thinking, girl?