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Rob Kardashian has been going through some tough times lately and his family has urged him to seek psychiatric help.

It all started when Rob bailed on Kim Kardashian’s wedding, supposedly to avoid negative media attention as a result of his ballooning weight.

Rob stayed in seclusion for several months, then bizarrely resurfaced on social media a few weeks ago. Rob compared his sister Kim to “the b-tch from Gone Girl” in an Instagram post, and the whole world took notice.

Kim urged Kris Jenner to cut Rob off financially. Khloe tearfully begged him to get help. Through it all, Kris’ concern for the state of her only son’s mental health has reportedly become so severe that she’s planning a family intervention.

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But Rob, it seems, doesn’t feel that he needs help. In fact, he reportedly believes that the problem isn’t in his head; it’s in his family:

“Rob thinks Kris is awful to him and he wants her to stop being so horrible,” a source tells Radar Online. “He’s saying that he isn’t the one with the problem — she is.

“Rob wants Kris to get treatment by going to a shrink or a counselor — anyone that can help her change her attitude about him. 

“He wants her to stop trying to force him to get help and take a look at how she is acting and change that first. But he doesn’t really believe that will ever happen.”

Getting Kris Jenner to admit that there’s something wrong with her and seek professional help? Yeah, we don’t think that will ever happen either, Rob.

Besides, she already talks about herself so much in all those reality show confessionals. E! cameramen are as good as psychiatrists, right?