Rebel Wilson Dons Angel Wins, Tells People to "THINK" at MTV Movie Awards

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Rebel Wilson made viewers laugh and also made them think at the MTV Movie Awards.

First, the hilarious actress interrupted her Pitch Perfect 2 co-stars on stage because she wanted to tell the audience “something from my heart.”

Rebel the Angel
Rebel Wilson Butt Pic

Referencing a scene from the Pitch Perfect 2 trailer (in which her character of Fat Amy splits her pants and ends up flashing a giant crowd) Wilson got serious and said:

"Dear people of the world. I would like to take this opportunity to formally apologize for my actions on the set of Pitch Perfect 2.

"In particular, the night I accidentally showed my girl power to the President of the United States. Yeah, by ‘girl power’ I do mean ‘vagina.'"

But Wilson then got actually serious backstage at the event, talking to reporters about her angel outfit and why the word "THINK" was emblazoned on the rear end.

It was meant to be a play off the Victoria's Secret brand "Pink."

“I think one of the good messages in [Pitch Perfect] is that you’re all beautiful and that sometimes girls will look at Victoria’s Secret models and think they have to model themselves after that, but I really don’t think that’s the best," Wilson explained.

Echoing a recent diatribe against thigh gaps by Demi Lovato, Wilson concluded:

"Even though they’re called models, they’re not the best people to model themselves after. I’d like to encourage other girls to think that way, which is why I put [the word "think"] on my butt.

"It’s about what’s up here [points to her head] and not what’s here [points to her bottom]."

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