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Variety is making it very difficult for us to mock Kim Kardashian. At least for the duration of this article.

While Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian criticize their sister for being lazy, the magazine has honored Kim in its 2015 Power of Women New York issue.

This edition of the entertainment-based publication places five famous women in the spotlight, all of whom use their celebrity to bring attention to an important causes around the world.

So… why did Kardashian get included alongside Lena Dunham, Whoopi Goldberg, Rachel Weisz and Glenn Close?

Because the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star lost her father, Robert Kardashian, to cancer in 2003.

Ever since, she has played an active role at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, spending time with young patients and trying to brighten their stay at the hospital as much as possible.

It would be nice if Kim talked about this online more than she talked about losing weight, but we forgot: we’re not here to mock right now.

"My father passed away from cancer," Kim tells Variety. "I remember what it was like when my dad was going through it. You see the kids that are so strong. They feel so helpless. You want to do anything to help them."

The cover story goes on to explain that Kim will sit at the patient’s bedside alone during some of these visits, while she’ll bring Kanye West or one of her siblings along during other visits.

And now we feel badly about every making fun of Kim Kardashian.

This is the second major magazine honor of the month for Kimye. Last week, Time dubbed Kanye one of its most influential people on the planet and even gave him a spot on its cover.