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Earlier this week, Last Man on Earth co-stars January Jones and Will Forte announced they are dating.

But don’t think that by dating Forte January is looking for a baby daddy for her son, Xander.

In the recent UK issue of Marie Claire, Jones admits that she doesn’t need to be married to raise her family.

January Jones Poses

Unlike her Mad Men character, Betty, January’s ideals of motherhood have evolved to fit a more contemporary model. “I think when I was younger I was keen on having marriage, kids and all that,” the actress says.

She adds: “But as I got into my late twenties and early thirties, all my ideals shifted and having a document to prove love wasn’t really important to me. It’s the relationships that were important, and I still think that way.”

Although she expresses that marriage and the nuclear family are not a priority, she is not entirely opposed to the idea:

“I mean, if someone came along and was obsessed with marrying me, I would think about that. But growing up, all my family was married and never really got divorced, so marriage was a big deal, it was something you definitely did, so it’s not that I’m afraid of it.”

She also jokingly adds, “I just don’t need the tax write-off.”

January has a refreshingly humble and realistic perspective on her career and raising a family in the fickle entertainment industry. She states, “I have yet to feel I can make a living from this.”

Jones continues, “I still feel like they are going to find me out and I won’t be able to support my family in five or ten years. There is this insecurity, because this is the job where you put yourself out there to be judged, so we kind of ask for that insecurity.”

Though she generally refrains from the celebrity spotlight, January has received criticism for her choices in managing postpartum depression. After Xander was born in September 2011, Jones confessed to encapsulating and ingesting her placenta.

She claims that “Whenever I felt down, I would take a placenta vitamin and feel better. I didn’t have a fork and knife and eat it like a steak, I took it with my vitamin C and B12. I don’t know if they were a placebo, but they made me feel better. People act like I’m doing some kind of witchcraft.”

Since then, the practice has become recognized and practiced among both celebrities and us regular folks alike.

Though Betty Draper would probably be appalled at January’s choices, we think she’s killing it. Right on, January!

January Jones Poses