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Take this, Kris Jenner!

A few days after Bruce Jenner turned into a national hero by openly discussing his impending sex change, one of Jenner’s ex-wives has posted a photo of herself, the reality star and another ex-wife.

But the most famous ex-wife of all is nowhere to be found.

Bruce Jenner, Ex-Wives

Linda Thompson shared the above picture on Instagram after writing a piece for The Huffington Post titled "How Living With and Loving Bruce Jenner Changed My Life Forever."

In the article, Thompson chronicles how she met Bruce, when they got married, what it was like to have sons Brandon and Brody and, of course, what it was also like when Bruce told her his secret.

Linda says Bruce wanted to get gender re-assignment surgery when the boys were three years old and 18 months old and even offered to re-enter their lives as “Aunt Heather.”

She then sums up her overall feelings on Bruce Jenner and their relationship thusly:

"If Bruce had told me about his gender issue when we first began getting romantically involved, I would not have married him. Pure and simple.

"But looking back, I’m so grateful to God, the universe, and Bruce that I didn’t know, and that Bruce played the role in my life that he did."

This is a stark contrast to the way Kris Jenner has reacted to her ex-husband’s admission.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians producer did NOT appear on last week’s ABC special, and she has spent the last few days clumsily explaining why.

Initially, Kris cursed off Perez Hilton and claimed she was never asked for an interview.

A representative then released a statement that rambled on about ABC leaving Kris a message, but Kris not responding to a fact-checking request because she hadn’t viewed the special yet and… yeah.

In the end, Kris has come out as poorly here as Bruce has come out well.

But is anyone really surprised by that?