Bill Cosby: Accuser Claims Comic Confessed to Sexual Assault

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Despite the many allegations against him that have piled up over the past six months, Bill Cosby might never stand trial, as none of the sexual assaults of which he's been accused took place within the statute of limitations for such crimes.

The LAPD investigated Cosby in an effort to determine if there were any more recent cases in which the comedy legend may have behaved in a sexually criminal fashion, but currently, the most recent alleged act took place in 2008.

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A woman named Chloe Goins came forward with that accusation, claiming that Cosby drugged her and licked her toes during a party at the Playboy Mansion.

Authorities were still unable to bring charges against Cosby, however, as in California, the statute of limitations for sex crimes outside of rape is six years.

Now, it looks as though Cosby's legal luck may soon change, as one of the 31 women who have accused him of sexual misconduct has stated that she believes Cosby admitted to assaulting several women during a 2005 civil trial.

Tamara Green sued Cosby for defamation in December, claiming that the comedian was publicly slandering her by stating that she was lying about being raped.

TMZ is now reporting that Green filed legal documents today that may force Cosby to release his deposition from a lawsuit filed by a different accuser, in which he allegedly confesses to several sex crimes.

That case settled in 2005 and the files were sealed, but Green is hoping to have them admitted into evidence for her case against Cosby.

If she is successful, the admission of guilt will likely lead to more civil cases, and could spur action that would result in a criminal trial.

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