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It’s been quite a day on 50 Cent’s Instagram account.

First, the rapper ended his feud with Floyd Mayweather by posting a photo of the two of them together and referring to Mayweather as his "brother."

Just a few hours later, Fiddy showed the world that just because he’s buried the hatchet with the Money Man, that doesn’t mean he’s not still full of seething, misdirected rage.

It all started when Mr. Cent posted the below photo of his 3-year-old son with a caption reading, "My little guy is getting big so fast. I feel like I’m gonna blink and he’s gonna pull off in one of my cars."

50 Cent and Son

One commenter asked about the whereabouts of 50’s "first born" (17-year-old Marquise Jackson), and the dude just lost it on her:

"Why only angry black b-tches got something to say about my other son he grown," 50 fired back. "What do you want to give him some p-ssy? Google him."

After 50 skipped his son’s high school graduation last May, the fact that he had been largely from his Marquise’s life for several years became public knowledge.

Clearly, it’s still a sore subject, but that hardly justifies the 39-year-old’s outraged rant over a simple question.

In the hours since, the comment thread on the above photo has become a hotbed of debate, with some fans defending 50 and others expressing their belief that he was way out of line.

Fortunately, the latter opinion seems to be in the majority.