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One of the great things about reality TV is watching stupid people get stupid drunk.

But unfortunately, for some of these stars, things go too far  Most recently, that was the case for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member, Kim Richards.

The former child star has a past history of addiction. And though she has been sober for a while, recently she just relapsed.

Earlier this month, Kim Richards was arrested for locking herself in a bathroom and kicking a cop at the Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills. Then, after an interview on Dr. Phil, Richards checked herself into rehab.

We feel bad for Kim. But we definitely don’t think she is the only reality star in need of treatment.  

In fact, here’s a list of a few other reality stars that we suspect should join Kim in rehab:

Most of these reality famous folks have made a career of drinking.

Sure, these stars help us realize that us everyday folk have pretty fabulous lives because we aren’t near vomiting on The Bachelor or drunk fist pumping in Jersey.

But we hope they get the help they need.