The Voice Recap: Who's Going Home? Who's Moving On?

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The Voice's knockout rounds are drawing to a close, with one steal left on the board Monday night and everyone fighting for a spot in the live playoffs.

What singers would move on and who would go home? Would Christina use her save to throw a lifeline to one more vanquished contestant, and whom?

Here's a breakdown of the knockouts we saw last night:

The Voice Season Eight Cast

Tonya Boyd Cannon vs. Barry Minniefield (Team Adam): Barry's got talent, and had a great run, but Adam made the easy choice with Tonya on this one.

Kelsie May vs. Brooke Adee (Team Blake): Another lopsided matchup, perhaps deliberately so, as Brooke's MGMT cover sealed the deal early on.

Joe Tolo vs. India Carney (Team Pharrell): Joe gave it his best, and was far from bad, but India took it to another level and cemented herself as a favorite.

Sometimes, the coaches pit two worthy singers against each other for the sake of a great battle. Other times, it seems more like a one-sided coronation.

Other times, we have no idea what they were thinking, and it seems that someone wins only by default. Such was the case at least once Monday.

Lowell Oakley vs. Jacob Rummell (Team Adam): Lowell may have won this one through attrition, as neither singer rose to the level of true contender.

Rob Taylor vs. Treeva Gibson (Team Christina): He's never knocked our socks off and yet Rob has advanced to the live playoffs with another strong effort.

Lexi Davila vs. Joshua Davis (Team Adam): This was the one. Bringing artistry and mainstream appeal, you felt like both singers deserved to go on.

They will. Josh was sent through to the next round by his coach, while Christina, to the surprise of no one, swooped in to steal the services of Lexi.

Which Knockout was your favorite? Who has what it takes to go all the way, and which coach do you think has the best roster assembled thus far?

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