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Ever since his job as a reality star/Kate Gosselin whipping boy ended, Jon Gosselin has paid the bills in a number of different ways.

Jon has worked as a waiter, he was a maitre’d at a couple of high-end restaurants and, of course, he did some time on VH1’s Couples Therapy. 

These days Gosselin is a DJ, but apparently traveling Pennsylvania and getting funky at various weddings and bar mitzvahs just isn’t bringing in enough cash to pay child support for eight kids, so Jon is busy working on plan B…

In a recent interview with OK! magazine, Gosselin revealed that he plans to run for office. Like his DJ-ing job, it’s very funny, but like his family situation, it’s also super sad, because Jon might wind up in a position of real responsibility.

“I’m contemplating running for office,” Gosselin told the tabloid in a lengthy interview. 

When pressed about what kind of position he was seeking, Gosselin hilariously answered, “Like, political office.”

Naturally, Jon was asked to be more specific (we assume after the interviewer finished hysterically laughing), and he stated that he plans to run for state representative.

Amazingly, Gosselin was actually approached about running for office by interested backers. He says he hasn’t made up his mind yet, but will make an announcement some time this year.

In other news, Jon says he’s broken up with Liz Jannetta and is living with his new girlfriend in a duplex in Reading, PA.

The important thing, of course, is that he has as little to do with Kate Gosselin as possible.