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Dakota Fanning celebrated her 21st birthday this week, and she marked the occasion by dissing a celeb who’s spent the last two decades boozing like she just reached drinking age.

Dakota Fanning on Watch What Happens Live

Yes, it seems Dakota agrees with the rest of the world that Brandi Glanville should be fired from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Sure, she made the confession sheepishly, but this is Dakota Fanning we’re talking about. She’s earned her reputation as one of the most soft-spoken and polite actresses in Hollywood. The fact that she said it all means she wants that beeyotch canned!

It’s worth noting that Andy Cohen doesn’t seem at all taken aback by Dakota’s opinion.

Rumors about Brandi "leaving the show" have been circulating for months now, and some believe that Cohen has already made the decision to give her the axe and is simply allowing her a grace period in which to exit on her own.

The Housewives franchise thrives on drama, so it’s a bit ironic that Brandi is allegedly being forced out due to the fact that she creates too much conflict, but it’s a thin line between villain and fan favorite, and Brandi is often too intoxicated to walk it.

Brandi has taken to calling herself a "drunk a-shole," but she probably says it jokingly. If only she knew how much the rest of the world agrees with her assessment.