17 Valentine's Day Cards For the Modern Relationship: You Auto-Complete Me!

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It's hard out there for romance in 2015, and for those of you out there who know this all too well, these awkwardly hilarious Valentine's Day cards say it perfectly:

Truer words have never been spoken for so many people sort of in love.

Sometimes, it's hard to put into words the feelings that perfectly reflect the changing, technology-driven times we live in, while providing plenty of laughs.

It's true that courtship and relationship's are not what they used to be.

Young adults, often collectively and annoyingly referred to as "Millennials," are changing the way we look at dating in today's culture. For better or worse.

Traditional rules are out the window. Old habits die easy in this case.

In many ways, this is not necessarily bad, as teens and twenty-somethings reject outdated paradigms and expectations that have outlived their relevance.

However, social media, computers and phones have arguably made more than a view love lives confusing and uncomfortable. Or at least have not helped.

But seriously folks. Whether you're in a happy place or not come Valentine's Day, these cards say it all, with the requisite humor and occasional cringe-worthiness.

Anyone navigating modern love can undoubtedly appreciate them.

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