Mob Wives Season 5 Episode 4 Recap: RAT-ALIE!

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Mob Wives Season 5 Episode 4 featured the return of the hit show from its holiday hiatus, and it came back in vintage, dramatic Mob Wives style.

What are we meaning to imply by that statement, exactly?

Well, first and foremost, Mob Wives Season 5 Episode 4 featured Natalie moving New York and ended up going deeper into the Staten Island circle.

Her life change led to a lot more of them, basically.

Meanwhile, Renee attempted to repair and revamp relationships within the crew, but any alliances were in danger of being broken, and promptly.

The dirt Drita discovered on Natalie will do that.

In the process of working on a photo shoot in Philadelphia, Drita found out some information about Natalie that called her reputation into question.

What happened from there? You didn't think we would be so brazen as to spoil it here, did you? No, you need to watch Mob Wives online to find out.

It's worth it though. That much is for sure.

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