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On Wednesday night’s Stalker Season 1 Episode 11, an athlete’s estranged wife was begin harassed as she was about to release a tell-all book about their life.

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A sometimes terrifying Stalker Season 1 Episode 11 began with Stella’s alarm being triggered, and her alarm company telling her to exit the premises.

Good thing, too, because a stalker tries to attack, but she escapes. Her ex is brought in for questioning but he’s adamant that he is in no way involved.

Later, Stella goes to a party and Cynthia picks a fight with her. Brought in for questioning herself, she tells the team about Stella’s revealing manuscript.

Stella admits it, but says that it was ghostwritten by Cameron.


Cynthia is abducted and we learn that Tom is the stalker. Cameron is dead. Stella finds all of her enemies tied up with Tom ready to slay them for her.

Stella asks to kill Cynthia, and shoots Tom, who attacks her.

Beth saves her and attacks him. Meanwhile, Janice tries to make Perry crack. She snoops around and finds that he has hidden a lot of racy shots of Beth.

Janice provokes him about his mother getting around and the possibility that her father killed her. He breaks down and tries to strangle her on the spot.

He’s arrested, and this terrifying chapter comes to a close.

You can watch Stalker online to see it from start to finish, but we suggest not watching it alone or with the lights off. This is not for the faint of heart.