Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 12 Recap: Meeting Mr. Mayhe,

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Well then.

Viewers didn't need to wait until next Tuesday's series finale for Mr. Mayhem to rain down on Charming.

Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 12 featured not one, not two, but THREE major character deaths, two of which fans likely saw coming, yet didn't expect to take place until SAMCRO's concluding ride.

Let's start with JUICE.

He nearly had his throat slashed in prison by the Chinese, who were seeking retribution for Lin's murder.

But they knew Tully helped Jax set it up, which gave them pause and made them want to use Juice for their own purposes (aside from anal sex, that is.)

Knowing he would be dead soon no matter what, Juice proved one final time that he really is loyal to the club:

He walked over to Tully during lunch. He said he knew it would cause issues for him and SAMCRO if the Chinese killed him instead of Tully (as Jax had asked) - and he slid Tully a shiv.

When Tully's men then started a fight to cause a distraction, Tully stabbed Juice many times in the neck. Rest in peace, buddy.

Then, of course, we get to the GEMMA of it all.

After hitching a ride with a trucker (played by Michael Chiklis!), she ended up at her dad's nursing home in Oregon. But the secretary there called her home and spoke to Wendy because Gemma wasn't on any kind of visitor's list.

Wendy then told Jax and Nero where Gemma was.

Nero warned Unser, telling him to get up to Oregon and prevent Jax from killing his mom, but Unser and Jax arrived at Gemma's dad's house at pretty much the same time.

Unser refused to live. He said this was all he lived for. So, in front of a petrified Gemma, Jax shot UNSER in the chest. Rest in peace, former sheriff.

It was now down to mother and son. Gemma knew it was time. She asked for it to happen in the garden. They went outside. Gemma turned her back on Jax. She said she loved him. She said this has to happen. It was who they were. And she was ready.

And Jax shot his mom in the head.

All of this took place hours after other SAMCRO leaders accepted Jax's apology about killing Jury, along with the full truth about what happened. They came to an agreement in which Jax would convince his MC to vote for his death, as long as the others voted to eliminate some kind of off-the-books bylaw. 

You can watch Sons of Anarchy online to better understand this unique negotiation.

So Jax is facing Mr. Mayhem himself next week and he drowned his major sorrows at the conclusion of this episode by having sex with Wendy.

What else could possibly go down on Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 13? Check out the official FX trailer now. And brave yourself:

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