Slash and Perla Hudson Separate: Are They Done For Good?

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Slash's marriage to Perla Hudson (formerly Perla Ferrar) is on the rocks, again, but this time it looks more serious than past blowups, as she just bolted L.A.

Worse yet, she's already saying they're separated.

Slash and Perla Hudson

According to TMZ, his wife jetted off to Hawaii over the weekend with their two sons, throwing down an ultimatum / deadline to her rocker husband of 13 years:

Work things out by New Year's or we're done.

What their issues are, we have no idea, but source say "this time it's different" than in the past, when the pair was on the verge of splitting but reconciled.

Perla is telling friends this a separation, but she hasn't used the word "divorce" and has not filed any sort of legal papers, so there is still some hope. Some.

In 2010, the Guns N Roses guitarist filed for divorce, but Slash and Perla Hudson worked things out and he tore up the petition just two months later.

Will things play out similarly this time around?

Only time will tell, but Perla is also Slash's manager and runs all of his companies, so it could get ugly if they can't come to terms or at least part ways amicably.

We wish them all the luck in the world. They need it, along with a bunch of other stars we thought were on solid ground in their relationships, but apparently not.

It's been a wild few days for celebrity splits, with couples dropping like flies in a slew of breakups we never saw coming to close out the year, like:

Crazy, crazy times in Hollywood.

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