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Yesterday, we learned that Drake was hospitalized after fighting Puff Daddy outside of a club in Miami.

After the news broke, social media was instantly abuzz with rumors about the cause of the scuffle. Was Drake macking on Diddy’s girlfriend, Cassie? Had Drizzy somehow “disrespected” Puff, as witnesses claimed?

We may never know for certain what sparked the totally un-gangsta-sounding “slap fight,” but TMZ is claiming to have gotten to the bottom (Now we here!) of the Drake-Diddy dispute

Apparently, Drake and Puff were both interested in a beat made by producer Boi-1da.

Puff called dibs, but sat on the song for eight months. Drake grew frustrated because he had a keen interest in the track, so he eventually just said screw it and turned the beat into the hit single “0-100/The Catch-Up.”

While the song is undeniably dope, there’s nothing mind-blowing about the beat, so it seems strange that Diddy would feel that protective of his ownership claim.

However, insiders say the elder statesman felt that relative newcomer Aubrey violated some unwritten hip hop code of ethics and needed to be taught a lesson.

We like to think Diddy busted out the “What did the five fingers say to the face?” joke before he smacked Drake, a la Dave Chappelle’s Rick James. Sigh…in a perfect world.

If you’re keeping score at home, that’s three beefs this month for the “Started From the Bottom” rapper. The Drake-Tyga feud is said to be intensifying by the day, and Chris Brown has publicly called Drizzy out for attempting to steal his girl.

So if, our math is right, it’s officially no longer safe for Champagne Papi to leave the house. RIP, Drake’s career (2010-2014).