Pregnant Turkey Prank Goes Viral; Girl Freaks Out Over Murder of Knocked Up Dinner Fare

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So, how did you celebrate your Thanksgiving?

Dinner with the relatives? The watching of some football?  The total and complete collapsing into your food bowls, just like these pets who ate a bit too much?

Or perhaps you stuffed a Cornish game hen into your turkey... asked your daughter to carve up the bird... and then filmed her horrified reaction when she believed the family was about to eat a previously-pregnant animal. No?

That was just Nerissa Hawkinson? Watch the following video to see how her child responded:

NOTE: Birds lay eggs. One could never find a dead fetus inside of a turkey.

Just something to keep in mind if this ever happens to you.

On another note, we must now ask: is this the meanest prank of all-time?

Or does the boyfriend who faked a plane crash just to surprise his girlfriend with a proposal still hold that distinction?

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