Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 12 Recap: For Whom Did Belle Toll?

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Forgive the obvious pun, but the heroes and heroines of Storybrooke were saved by the Belle on Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 12

How so? Let's find out in detail, shall we?

Rumple used a portal door hidden inside the sorcerer’s lakeside mansion to distract the residents this week, heading off to the clock tower and waiting for the stars to align and free him of his dagger ties.

HOWEVER, Anna realized the true identity of Mr. Gold before he passed through to Arendelle. And, hey, she knows Rumplestiltskin!

Understanding how they’ve been manipulated, Emma went to clock tower to prevent Rumple from crushing Hook’s heart (among other evil things), though a freezing spell stopped Emma in her tracks. So it was curtains for Hook, right? Wrong.

Belle, looking very angry and holding the real dagger behind Rumple, said she "commanded" him not to do it.

She magically took them to the town line to settle this score alone and told Rumple he’d never choose love over power. All she now sees in her lover is a beast and so she used the dagger to compel Rumple across the border.

So Rumple is gone forever, fated never to return?

We picked up six weeks later, with Rumple in New York city and finding Ursula shoveling fish food at minimum wage while working at an aquarium.

Along with the Author, he tells this villain that he has a plan to return them to glory, so “pack your things,” Ursula, “We have two more stops to make.”

Elsewhere on the winter finale...

  • Watch Once Upon a Time online to see how Regina returned Marian’s heart to her defrosted body… only to witness Robin’s wife collapse near the lake.
  • Regina figures she still has some of the Snow Queen’s magic in her, so she has to send Marian to a world without magic. Only she cannot head there on her own.
  • So Robin's choice is made for him, as he gives Regina one final kiss and then crosses the border.
  • On the happy front, Emma and Hook totally made out after she saved his life.
  • Anna, Elsa and Kristoff returned to Arendelle, with Anna all set and excited to get married.
  • Henry found a bunch of black storybooks in a secret room at the mansion and, with Emma now hip to Operation Mongoose, the search is on for The Author.

New installment return this spring. Check out the official teaser here for Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 13, "Darkness on the Edge of Town."

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