Bad Girls Club Season 13 Episode 10 Recap: Goodbye, Girl

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Bad Girls Club Season 13 Episode 10 proved to be the most emotional yet for this Redemption-seeking season. Is it just us, or did it get dusty in the living room?

Probably just us. But things did get downright heavy at times. Deep stuff.

Picking up in the wake of last week's drama, Bad Girls Club Season 13 Episode 10 first found Camilla attempting to own up to some of her past mistakes.

The intention alone was admirable, but the result not what she'd hoped.

Rather than extending an olive branch and moving on, she managed to throw gasoline on the fire still burning from some previous house altercations.

To make a long story short, it was not pretty. Let's leave it at that here.

That was probably the evening's emotional low point. On the opposite, uplifting end of the spectrum was Rocky making the tough decision to come out.

To her father, that is. It was a very big deal for her, and we advise you keep the Kleenex handy in case the waterworks start flowing as you witness it.

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