10 Most Buzzworthy TV Shows on Facebook in 2014: What's #1?

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In 2014, television fans weren't worried about events in Washington because Olivia Pope had them handled.

They finally learned how Ted Mosby met the mother of his kids.

They got scared on FX by witches and then by carnival freaks and they watched as Jax Teller took his fateful final ride. They also watched The Walking Dead. A LOT.

Indeed, after running down the 10 most-talked about celebrities on Facebook... and then the 10 most noteworthy songs on Facebook... and also the 10 most popular movies on Facebook in 2014, it's now time to turn our attention to the small screen.

Which shows trended the most times on that social media website over the past 12 months?

Did White Walkers prove more buzzworthy than zombies? What about female inmates and British servants?

Click through the gallery above to find out which programs dominated Facebook in 2014. We've got the Top 10 contenders handled.

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