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Sam and Dean Winchester were forced to get a Clue on Supernatural Season 10 Episode 6, as a fun Case of the Week paid homage to this classic board game and asked:

Who dun it? With what weapon? In what room? Are you ready to play, Supernatural fans?

Watch Supernatural Season 10 Episode 6 Online
Watch Supernatural Season 10 Episode 6 Online

It all started with the death of a wealthy woman named Bunny. When her maid tried on Bunny’s pearl necklace, Bunny’s ghost appeared and caused the maid to flip over the railing, plummeting to her death.

And the butler didn’t seem phased by this development at all!

Turns out, Bunny was an heiress who left something for Bobby in her will. So the brothers headed to Connecticut to collect what was due.


Once inside the mansion, Sam and Dean meet Bunny’s relatives, all of whom are stuck there until the will is read. We also learned that the butler told everyone the main went to clown college. No, really.

(NOTE: You should really watch Supernatural online just to see the exchange in which Sam refers to “these people” as “WASPs.”)

The butler then hands the siblings a package with what Bunny left for Bobby. It’s a key of some kind.

As the Winchesters attempt to figure out what it unlocks, there’s another homicide at the resident, only this one is done by the ghost of Bunny’s husband, Lance. The police are investigating, Sam and Dean cannot leave and the game of Clue is on!

Dean ends up finding a passageway that the key opens. In a secret attic, he finds another maid, who claims the butler locked her in there after she saw him roll up the other victim’s body in a rug.

The brothers end up stumbling upon the butler’s dead body and see he’s a shifter… which means they need silver. Which Olivia The Maid helps them track down.

This leads to Sam and Dean testing every member of the family to see who responds to the silver.

Once the detective is found drowned in the toilet, the family suspects the Winchesters of the crime. Locked away, Dean realized Olivia have them stainless steel instead of silver.

Turns out, she isn’t even a maid! She’s Bunny’s daughter and she’s been locked in the closet her entire life. Bobby promised to protect her if anything happened to Bunny; hence, the key to the attic.

But Olivia has a gun on the family and Dean is forced to shoot her dead after the brothers escape.

He shoots her many times, however, later telling Sam that he was anxious because it was his first kill back. But might the extreme measure have more to do with the Mark of Cain? Uh-oh…

Supernatural Season 10 Episode 7 will be titled "Girls, Girls, Girls" and air on Tuesday, November 24 at 9/8c.