Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 9 Recap: A Shocking Death

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Bobby "Elvis" Munson has left the building.

OnĀ Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 9, Jax and company agreed to the terms of August Marks in order to make a deal for their apprehended club member:

They would meet. Marks would bring Bobby. Jax would bring the body of the dead preacher, the preacher's stepson and the cell phone video of him having sex with a man. Simple enough, right?

Except Marks just had to teach Jax a lesson.

After the rest of both sides had left, and after Jax and Marks had brought their "items" out of the van, the exchange was made.

But Marks had hidden a gun in Bobby's pants and pulled it out after he handed Bobby over to Jax. He told the preacher's stepson to consider this a warning if he or his mother ever betrayed him.

And then August Marks shot Bobby in the head.

After sharing the news with the rest of SAMCRO, Gemma and Nero, Jax didn't just sit around and lament the latest loss of a family member.

He had Chibbs hand over the signed statement by the preacher's wife, along with the location of the preacher's body in one of Marks' construction sites because SAMCRO actually cut off his head and attached it to another corpse's mangled body.

We therefore ended the hour with Marks being arrested for murder. As he was placed inside a police car, Chibs and Jax drove by, starting daggers at his right-hand man.


  • Nero told Gemma again about his plan to move to his uncle's farm. He had the paperwork drawn up for the Diosa sale and everything.
  • A crestfallen Gemma sobbed over Bobby's dead body and apologize for how her murder of Tara and subsequent lie led to his death. Abel overheard her do so.
  • Jarry learned that the Chinese man both Juice and Gemma identified as one of Tara's killers was taken into custody the night of the incident in Las Vegas. She responded by having Juice moved into solitary confinement, thwarting (for now) his plan to kill Lin in prison.

What did everyone think of this episode? Will you miss Bobby? Did you see his death coming? Who will join him next on the final season?

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