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A large segment of Revenge Season 4 Episode 6 was taken up by Nolan coming face-to-face with David Clarke.

First, on national television, as David tossed some serious accusations Nolan’s way; and, second, in Nolan’s home, where Clarke slugged Emily’s best friend in the face.

Next Sunday night, however, two other characters will come face-to-face. Finally. After a great many years apart.

Oh yes. Check out the following promo for Revenge Season 4 Episode 7 and see David arrive at his daughter’s door:

Revenge Season 4 Episode 7 Promo

According to the official ABC synopsis for "Ambush," Daniel will confront Emily about the secrets she’s been keeping… which is a storyline that could take up weeks and weeks all by itself.


Elsewhere, as teased last night, things will also heat up between Margaux and Louise. In what sense? We’ll find out soon.

Until then, follow the prompts of the following video to watch Revenge online and stay current on this exciting drama:

Watch Revenge Season 4 Episode 6 Online
Watch Revenge Season 4 Episode 6 Online