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Last night on Modern Family, Gloria encouraged Manny to take Spanish instead of French, while Mitchell and Cameron met a news reporter at a school function.

On the Dunphy side, Haley and Andy begin to spend more time together … with interesting results. What became of all three of the intertwining storylines?

Watch Modern Family Season 6 Episode 7 Online
Watch Modern Family Season 6 Episode 7 Online

When Modern Family Season 6 Episode 7 began, a local news reporter approached Cam about doing a story on him, as an openly gay football coach.

Mitchell, while truly happy for his husband, feels that Cam gets all the attention as usual. He approached the journalist about pursuing another opportunity.

Telling her he’s a fan, he then enlightens her about a case he was working on regarding the homeless, and how he feels it would make for a great story.

The reporter obviously decides to do a piece on Cam as planned.


At a pancake breakfast for the team, and the news segment, Cam actually refers to his better half Mitchell as his Mrs. Coach from Friday Night Lights.

This is a funny reference as Kyle Chandler’s character on that show, Coach Eric Taylor, used the refrain "clear eyes, full hearts" to pump up his team.

This Modern Family episode title: "Queer Eyes, Full Hearts."

Predictably, Mitchell is less supportive than Connie Britton’s FNL character and he ends up fighting with Cam in public, feeling like he’s being neglected.

Equally predictably, Cam later goes to see Mitchell’s case in court and gushes about him on the news, telling the reporter what a great lawyer he is.

Elsewhere, Gloria really wants Manny to take Spanish instead of French, while Jay becomes jealous of the instructor and allows to Manny take French.

Like Mitchell and Cameron, they have a fight over this and Jay sweetly ends up rehiring the Spanish teacher – for himself, to learn to speak it to Gloria.

Finally, Haley and Andy are helping each other prepare for some big interviews, from which Claire assumes they are knocking boots and gets uncomfortable.

They are just friends, though, in the end.

What did you think of the episode? Follow the link to watch Modern Family online and see it for yourself. There’s a lot of heart, and plenty of laughs.