How to Get Away with Murder Season 1 Episode 8 Recap: Did Annalise Do It?

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Lies. Lies. And more lies.

On How to Get Away with Murder Season 1 Episode 8, Annalise confronted Sam about all his misdirection when it came to Lila, but viewers learned yet another major fib told by husband to wife before the latest crazy hour of this ABC drama came to an end:

Sam was well aware that Lila was pregnant before she died.

CASE OF THE WEEK Annalise defended a wife accused of murdering the family’s nanny in the middle of a pharmaceutical-fueled state of sleepwalking.

The important takeaway here was Annalise’s words of wisdom when it came to the husband’s cheating ways:

He lied to you, betrayed you, took advantage of your loyalty and trust - and that’s unforgivable. You’ll thank me one day.

And you wonder why we think Annalise may have killed Sam?

AN ODD COUPLE This installment gave us plenty of looks back at Lila and Rebecca’s friendship, which mostly took place on rooftops with the assistance of the latter’s drug stash. 

Lila spills all the secrets about her dalliance with an unidentified married man, with our final flashback revealing Lila saying “bad things happen when you have sex.” She never drops the P-word, but she does say she wants to tell her lover’s wife about their affair.

Rebecca says this is a bad idea. She instead takes Rebecca’s hand and offers up some quiet support.

PREGNANT WITH POSSIBILITIES After Sam (of course) lies to his wife about knowing Lila was knocked up, Annalise rushes to deliver the news to Wes, warning him NOT to tell Rebecca.

We then see Annalise totally lose it over the fact that Sam was able to get Lila pregnant after just a few rolls in the hay, causing viewers to wonder if this is legitimate vulnerability or more Annalise manipulation.

Bonnie, meanwhile, reveals to Sam that she met Lila just hours prior to her murder… when the mistress showed up at the Keating resident, looking for Annalise.

Bonnie is trying to get Sam to admit he knew about the pregnancy, which he sort of does… and then he plants a kiss on Bonnie!!! But she isn’t having it. She goes to Annalise and tells her EVERYTHING.

"You're fired," Annalise replies. "Leave and don't come back."

(NOTE: Viola Davis is amazing. Watch How to Get Away with Murder online via TV Fanatic in order to relive this line delivery.)

HAIRY SITUATION Nate asks Rebecca to get a hair sample from Sam’s bathroom so it can be compared to Lila’s fetus. But she proves to be less than adept at lying to Sam (about lost gloves) once she arrives at his house.

So, instead, Nate tells Rebecca to download data off Sam’s computer onto an external drive. She does so and later leaves study night with this drive, as Laurel, Wes and Connor are hot on her heels (because Wes oversaw her chat with Nate and confronted her about their scheme).


  • Michaela clashes - big time! - with her mother-in-law of a pre-nuptial agreement… as well as pretty much everything else. In a fit of rage, Michaela steals the Keating Trophy from Asher’s.
  • Frank and Laurel get caught having sex by the former's girlfriend, who calmly asks if she's the "student of the month."
  • Asher invites Bonnie to his Bonfire Night party  and trash talks Annalise for that “pathetic, mousy” insult she’d hurled at the courthouse. Is he being genuine? Or getting his flirt on?

So... are you ready to learn who killed Sam? Tune in next Thursday night and check out the official ABC teaser here for How to Get Away with Murder Season 1 Episode 9:

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