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George H.W. Bush and his wife tried to attend a Houston Texans home football game on Sunday with little fanfare.

But the video operator at Reliant Stadium had other ideas, finding the former President of the United States and Barbara Bush on the Kiss Cam and putting them on the major spot.

Did the famous couple go through with a very public display of affection? Watch and find out!

The Hollywood Gossip

The Bushes now join other well-known twosomes who have been pressured to swap spit in public, as Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have also been Kiss Cammed… as have the Obamas!


George H.W. and Barbara Bush handled the situation as well as can be, really.

Remember this Kiss Cam breakup? Some couples simply fall apart when placed in such a spotlight.

We guess that’s one advantage to having been leader of the free world, however. Bush has likely found himself in tighter spots.