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Not everyone goes on a tropical vacation for their honeymoon.

Especially not those who marry Rick Castle, as was made evident on Castle Season 7 Episode 7.

Titled “Once Upon a Time in the West,” this installment found Rick and Kate going undercover at a dude ranch in order to solve a murder.

Watch Castle Season 7 Episode 7 Online
Watch Castle Season 7 Episode 7 Online

They went undercover as newlyweds, even though they actually are newlyweds, but still. Just go with it.

Because the result was a fun, western-themed adventures that, yes, featured an obvious culprit (the resort boss). But it also featured a silhouetted Kate saving the day with a quick gun draw from just inside the saloon’s swinging doors.

John Wayne would have been proud, especially when she punctuated the act with a gun twirl. Badass Beckett FTW, people!


We also witnessed Ryan, Esposito and Lanie being sort of annoyed than they weren’t invited to last week’s impromptu wedding, with Espo summing up their feelings well: “You suck!”

Gates eventually offered Ryan and Espo some advice and getting over it and maybe even donating days off to the honeymoon cause, giving the supporting characters a lot more to do here than if they had just been standing around during the Caskett nuptials last Monday.

You can watch Castle online via the above video to relive a fun closing scene in which Beckett bought into the Old West honeymoon theme fully, while Rick was once again reduced to a bumbling mess in front of a bedroom-eyed Beckett.

Next week, a few days prior to Thanksgiving, Castle Season 7 Episode 8 (previewed below) will bring Kate and Rick back into the precinct action, which will be nice.

Ready to see them tackle their first case as a married couple? Check out the official ABC teaser now and prepare for Espo to be taken hostage in just a few days:

Castle Season 7 Episode 8 Promo