Bad Girls Club Season 13 Episode 8 Recap: So Much Mama Drama!

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This is never what you would call a relaxing, tranquil reality show, but wow, the mama drama was off the HOOK last night on Bad Girls Club Season 13 Episode 8.

That's right, it was Family Weekend at the house. You can imagine how that went ...

Because this season is called Bad Girls Club: Redemption, Season 13 Episode 8 brought a group of colorful parents into the fold, with predictable results.

Predictably INSANE results!

These moms and dads weren't always the calming influences their offspring might have hoped for, and even if they were, the kids can be a handful sometimes.

That's putting it mildly.

Later, a sand-digging challenge proved to be the catalyst for escalating tension between Jada and Camilla, two cast members known to get a little combative.

How did everything else turn out? Who else beefed last night? Which stars enjoyed nice family reunions and who made progress on their road to Redemption?

All you have to do is follow the link to watch Bad Girls Club online and find out.

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