Amanda Bynes: Kicked Out and Sued By Roommates After Trashing Apartment!

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Ever since Amanda Bynes was released from a psychiatric facility last month, she's been passing up the hotel room provided by her parents in favor of living a semi-homeless existence in West Hollywood.

Amanda had been crashing with her hairdresser and two other young women, but TMZ reports that they've now kicked her to the curb and filed a lawsuit after Amanda allegedly trashed their apartment.

The roommates reportedly contacted Amanda's parents, demanding cash for nearly 2 grand in damages.

Amanda Bynes Has a Doll Face

Rick and Lynn Bynes replied - rather reasonably - that they were against Amanda moving into the apartment in the first place, and the girls should have known what they were getting themselves into.

The alleged damages actually don't sound that bad, considering some of the destructive behavior in which Amanda has engaged in recent weeks:

Bynes dyed her hair purple last week and her roommates claim she messed up their carpet and furniture with runoff from her lavender locks.

Also, they claim she burned cigarette holes in their rugs.

The girls also complained that Amanda was prone to wild mood swings and that her personality seemed to change dramatically from one moment to the next.

There's no word on exactly when they kicked her out, or where Amanda is staying these days.

Last week, is reported that Bynes is homeless after she was spotted sleeping in a shopping mall. The actress took to Twitter to deny that she doesn't a place to stay, but she did not offer any further details.

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