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Fans were treated to the Sam-Dean confrontation they’ve been waiting for since May’s finale on Supernatural Season 10 Episode 3.

The hour opened with Sam grabbing a cooler of purified blood (remember Season 8? The last time Sam tried to cure a demon?), intent on exorcising the demon from Dean.

Watch Supernatural Season 10 Episode 3 Online
Watch Supernatural Season 10 Episode 3 Online

How will the Mark of Cain play a role in this mission? It’s unclear, but Sam gets right to it as soon as he returns to the bunker.

Following the first injection, it’s apparent that Dean is indeed a "special" demon. Sam calls Castiel because he’s concerned over all the pain his brother is in. Might be killing Dean?

Castiel assures his pal that this is only option… before hanging up and returning to his life of endless road tripping with a totally smitten Hannah.


Dean keeps getting injected and keeps going on about those annoying Winchesters. We then get a flashback that depicts how Sam used Lester as bait to get his hands on a crossroads demon and attempt to torture her until she’d give up Crowley’s location.

This Demon (from Supernatural Season 10 Episode 1) knew nothing. Lester lost his soul and his life for nothing. Guess the line between the brothers and the thing the hunt “ain’t so clear,” Dean noted.

Down in Hell, meanwhile, Crowley is spending his time signing hence-forths and forth-withs and killing every demon who rubs him the wrong way. He doesn’t seem very happy about an of it, until he receives notice of Castiel’s fading grace.

Elsewhere –  at some gas station a few hours away from the Winchesters – Castiel and Hannah are attacked by Adina, who’s still angry that they took out Daniel.

Fortunately, Crowley leaves his throne long enough to appear and steal Adina’s grace to feed to Castiel, who is now strong enough to deal with Dean. And not a moment too soon! This demon is quite a handful!

Sam continues to inject his sibling as Dean ramble about his love of the new model. He even tells Sam that their mother’s death was his fault.

Sam keeps going and going until he runs into a problem: the injections have made Dean human enough to free himself. But still demon enough where he wants to kill his little brother.

He’s trying very hard to do so when Castiel shows up.

One final shot later and – thank goodness! – Dean is back to human. Sam goes to get him some food and Castiel tells him to relax because it’s “quiet out there.”

Yeah, right. Cut to Tulsa, Oklahoma where people are being nailed to ceilings. OUCH!

But, hey, that’s for Supernatural Season 10 Episode 4. For now, let’s all bask in an intense, fun hour and in the fact that Dean is back to being Dean!

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