Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 6 Recap: Expired Juice?

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The waiting game continued on Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 6.

For yet another week, a bulk of the hour was dedicated to Jax and SAMCRO moving from one alliance or club to another; striking up a deal with Tyler and the Niners here, making up with Marcus and The Mayans there, all aiming to take down August Marks in the end.

The pattern has grown a little tiresome over the course of Sons of Anarchy Season 7, as it's difficult to even keep track of what moves are meant to accomplish what goals.

Chess may be a fascinating game to play, but it's a bit boring to watch, know what we mean?

The decisions Jax are making right now may very well result in an explosive/shocking/suspenseful pay-off down the road, but it continuously feels these days as if Sons of Anarchy is spinning its wheels before arriving there.

We can only watch so many meetings with so many fellow club presidents without rolling our eyes.

In this case, it was a question of working out a deal with the Mayans and also the white supremacists (oh, and also the Grim Bastards; there are so many to remember!) to take down some African-Americans and leave their bodies at Pope Industries.

Everything, of course, is building to the big reveal that Gemma killed Tara.

Nero started to piece together something being amiss between Gemma and Juice after seeing that the latter drove the former's car to try and strike his own deal with the Mayans. He wanted to trade it for safe passage to Mexico.

But The Mayans turned Juice over to SAMCRO and we ended with them walking their ex-club member out... to his death? Hopefully we'll find out next week.

It was a welcome sight to see this storyline come to a head, as it's similarly felt like a lot of running in place where Juice is concerned. But not this arc has to play out in some (likely deadly) way, shape or form in the very near future.

Gemma, meanwhile, broke down and cried to Nero over what Juice might tell Jax. She didn't specify, of course, leaving viewers to wonder if she'll be able to come up with some new lie to cover her Tara-killing tracks.

What did you think of this Sons of Anarchy episode? Is the Gemma storyline enough to keep you tuning in each week? Or do you wish SAMCRO was up to something a little more interesting while we waited and waited for her truth to come out?

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