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Olivia Pope fought for the innocence of two accused killers on Scandal Season 4 Episode 6.

We kicked off the hour by learning that the 40th President of the United States was not Ronald Reagan, but rather someone named Cooper who just died of a stroke.

Mellie passes along this news to Fitz, as we see that she’s looking like her old self and preparing to meet Cooper’s widow, Bitsy.

Watch Scandal Season 4 Episode 6 Online
Watch Scandal Season 4 Episode 6 Online

Olivia, meanwhile, meets with the man accused of trying to murder Cooper three decades ago. With him now gone, could the bullet in his skull exonerate Leonard Francis Carnahan?

This storyline ends up turning on Olivia because the extracted bullet actually proves that Carnahan DID shoot Cooper and with the stroke tangentially related to the shooting, he can now brag about it.

"Thank you for making my life meaningful," the messed up man tells Olivia.


Mellie, for her part, gets inspirited by Bitsy, who says she pulled all the White Office strings while her husband was having an affair.

Doing Liz’s bidding, Melissa publicly denies talk of base closings and then has some marijuana with Bitsy to celebrate.

Cyrus takes some anger over Mellie’s move out on Abby, who hints very strongly that she knows what (or who) he’s been up to recently.

But most drama this week centered on Jake’s fate. Rowan makes a case for him to be handed over to B613 so he can “discipline” his dog, but Fitz wants a public trial.

After being admonished by Abby, Fitz tells Olivia he has evidence of Jake’s plot. First, though, Olivia just wants to see Jake, who talks only of getting offshore money to his mom and tells Olivia:

"My word isn’t going to change anything. We both known in the end you’re not going to choose me. And not choosing me is OK."

After getting Olivia to admit there’s hope for their romance, Fitz reverses course and dot NOT hand Jake over to B613. Instead, he tells Jake he’ll live out his days at a superman prison as a “gift to the woman we love.”

"You may be Command, but I’ve got weapons at my disposal, weapons you can’t possibly possess," Olivia later tells Rowan.

Oh, also: Quinn discovered the locker that goes with the key Caitlin had… and it had countless photos of Olivia inside.

Well… okay then! React to this episode when you watch Scandal online via TV Fanatic and check out the official teaser here for Scandal Season 4 Episode 7:

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