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Earlier this season on Bones, the team bid farewell to one of their own after Sweets met a tragic and surprising end, leaving his friends and colleagues reeling.

On Thursday’s Bones Season 10 Episode 5, one of the team members found himself or herself as the target of the investigation. Who was it? Was he/she cleared?

Watch Bones Season 10 Episode 5 Online
Watch Bones Season 10 Episode 5 Online

We begin with Brennan being asked to serve as the keynote speaker at the Forensic Science convention, something they might as well name after Brennan.

Temperance attends with Cam, Angela and Hodgins, all of whom are loving life at this nerd fest and besieged by fans, given their place in this micro world.

A couple of rivals soon dampen their spirits somewhat, though.

Hodgins’ old acquaintance and quasi-foe from school is Leona Saunders, while Brennan and her publishing competitor, Tess Brown, exchange pleasantries.

And we use that term loosely, you can believe us there.


Just as Brennan is about to deliver her speech at the convention, an alarm sounds and a corpse is found on fire in the plumbing closet at the facility.

Thus, the title "The Corpse in the Convention."

Booth makes an appearance to help his team members, who are conveniently already there, investigate the murder, along with squint Wendell Brey.

Less convenient for Hodgins?

The victim is Leona Saunders, who he was seen arguing with before, and once again – this is the second or third time now – Hodgins ends up a murder suspect.

Ultimately, he’s cleared. Of course. As is Tess Brown, who was also a suspect in this game of Convention Center Clue. The gang got the right killer in the end.

Brennan ends the night finally getting to give her speech, and that joke Booth told her told to tell ends up getting plenty of laughs. You can’t underestimate her!

As for Wendell, he is in remission thanks to the clinical trial Brennan recommended, but is worried because one of his friends in the trial died earlier that week.

Booth tells him to keep battling, and that feeling sorry for himself and worrying aren’t going to get him anywhere. He’s right, and Wendell knows this.

Follow the link to watch Bones online and see the episode for yourself, then comment below: What did you think of the case of the week and all its twists and turns?