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Pickled banana peppers are the unsung hero of toppings. You might not see them too often, but these things are as versatile and underrated as they are delicious.

Why is this, when they serve as such perfect compliments to sandwiches of various flavors, not to mention other items like pizza, burgers and hot dogs?

Perhaps because not everyplace offers them, or when it comes to making them at home, people think it’s just too difficult. Well, the latter has to change.

It has to. Even if your local deli doesn’t stockpile them (their loss), Food Fanatic’s pickled banana peppers recipe will help you bring these to your kitchen.

They’re surprisingly easy to grow, and not just if you live in a warm, sunny place. Even a comparably short, cloudy growing season can net you a strong yield.

The key to this is the pickling, another step you might assume is more time-consuming and challenging than it actually is – even if you like the result.

In truth, the only downside is waiting a couple of weeks after the process until the banana peppers are fully pickled. The work in getting them there is a breeze.


We could spend a long time discussing all the food items pickled banana peppers go well with, but you can figure that out for yourself through experimentation.

What you might not realize on your own is the central component of white vinegar and its role in preserving the intense flavor and color of the peppers.

Other vinegar options bring their own elements of taste to table, but may significantly alter the color of the peppers if that’s something you care about.

Another point to consider is cutting several long slits in the peppers, which will ensure ideal pickling, and to not let them sit in the fridge over 2-3 months.

If you want to keep them longer than that, that’s fine, but it will require canning as well as picking. As far as the other spices that you can add to the mix?

That boils down to matters of preference, but we recommend a blend of peppercorns, dill seed or celery seed if you want to try something new with these.

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