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Aside from being filthy rich and coining some crazy annoying catchphrases, Paris Hilton is perhaps best known for being blonde.

So needless to say, her Instagram followers were thoroughly shocked when Heiress Paris posted the photo below over the weekend. 

Yes, that’s Kim Kardashian’s former BFF sporting some chestnut locks and, as Paris would say, that’s hot.

Frankly, we think she looks better than ever, but a number of her fans have vocally disagreed. Whatever your thoughts on the change, there’s no denying that Paris needs to get the web’s attention by whatever means necessary these days.

Her "career" has been slumping lately with far more downs than ups in 2014. Paris’ "Come Alive" music video tanked for the perfectly good reason that it was terrible. 


By contrast, Hilton’s Carl’s Jr. commercial was surprisingly popular, but when your most recent career highlight involved eating a burger in a bikini, it might be time to hire new management.

In other news, Paris is apparently hanging out by the skee-ball machines at Dave & Buster’s these days. We’re not sure if that means she’s fallen on hard times or if she’s just trying to appeal to the 99%.

Earlier this year, Paris snubbed the Kardashians at a party in LA, so if she’s just trying to get in good with us workin’ folk, she certainly knows how to go about it. 

Anyway, what do you think about Paris’ new look?