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In the least surprising television development of the week, NCIS: New Orleans Season 1 Episode 2 kicked off with a scene inside a jazz club.

Viewers watched as a young lieutenant took in some local music, though but he seemed clearly ill and began stumbling around before ending up outside.

He staggered to the street and then got killed by a cab, prompting Agent Pride and his team to be called in because the victim was Navy Lt. Louis Collier, an office on leave.

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"Why did the sailor cross the road?" asked Pride, as Loretta is unable to determine the officer’s state at the scene. Aside, you know, from the fact that he was dead.


The squad then learns that Collier was engaged and that he possessed a spotless record in the Navy.

His fiancée says he was the most responsible man she’s ever known even. His colleague gives the same sort of response, shooting down talk of drugs or anything sordid at all. 

After some back and forth (and some Yoga for Sebastian), Pride and Sebastian head to Loretta’s office, where she screams for them to get out of the room. Because she’s found blood and tissue that say Collier had bubonic plague. Seriously!

The ship goes on on lockdown and the team is vaccinated, prepared to track Collier’s trail through the city to make sure he hasn’t infected anyone else. They are told that 34 sailors are roaming around New Orleans on leave and when they find one playing poker, he’s clearly sick as well.

Pride says he’ll inspect the ship in order to determine where plague started. Another agent, meanwhile, has been sent down from NCIS HQ: it’s Agent Tony DiNozzo!

This crossed over character says they call him the Plague Whisperer and that he’s happy to help Pride, as the two get down to business and find a sailor dead in his bunk.

Sebastian and Carol from the CDC do some research and announce that this strain of sickness was created in a lab. The ship was targeted and the sailors used as weapons of mass destruction once they went on land.

Pride consults with the commander and insists someone must have brought the virus on when they docked in Lima.

Could it have been Dr. Hufcutt, a new addition to the medical team? He owns Hufcutt Pharmaceuticals, a company with the vaccination that happens to be broke. So there you have it!

Pride, Brody, and LaSalle track this evil physician at an international convention and save the world from a bubonic plague outbreak in the process. All in a day’s work, right?

The episode ends with a cookout and a call about a dead Marine, which sends Pride and company off on another job.

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