Kate Middleton, Prince William to Park Creeper: Stop Harassing Prince George!

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Prince George might be the heir to the British Empire, but he has no idea about this. As a 13-month-old boy, he just wants to play in the park. That's about it.

For this reason, Prince William and Kate Middleton are taking "legal steps" against an unnamed person who's making it hard for the boy to live this dream.

Prince George, Butterfly

An incident last week prompted the couple "to seek reasonable assurances" from someone they want to stop "harassing and following" the Royal Baby.

Seriously. According to the palace, this individual had been badgering "both Prince George and his nanny as they go about their ordinary daily lives."

"The individual was spotted at a central London Park in the vicinity of Prince George, who was removed from the Park immediately," the statement explains.

There's reason to suspect, the duo worriedly states, that this individual has wee one "under surveillance and monitoring his daily routines for a period of time."

Prince William and Kate Middleton "understand the particular public role that Prince George will one day will inherit" but say he's just a one-year-old.

For now, they want him to "lead as ordinary a life as possible," to the extent that he can, and don't feel they're asking too much with this request.

Much like the controversial release of Kate Middleton bikini photos last year by paparazzi, the royals believe there is a line and that it has been crossed.

"No parent would tolerate the suspicion of someone pursuing and harassing their child and carer whilst playing in a public park or going about daily activities."

"Just like any parent," the statement says, "The Duke and Duchess want Prince George to have the freedom to safely experience normal childhood activities."

As for the individual the royals have asked to stop "harassing" young Georgie? Per the palace, this person "has already been spoken to by protection officers."

One would think that would do it, but the royals aren't taking any chances, and it's hard to blame them ... whoever this alleged offender might be.

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