Gossip Girl Cast: Where Are They Now?

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It wasn't long ago that Gossip Girl premiered on the CW and quickly became the hottest show on TV, buoyed by some of the hottest young celebrities around.

Well, we suppose 2007 is sort of a long time ago. But it feels like it was yesterday!

Upon hearing the exciting news that Ryan Reynolds got Blake Lively pregnant, we got to thinking about what the her former co-stars are up to these days.

The answer, at least in some cases? More than you might think. In other cases ...

Their careers may have peaked on the Upper East Side in the late 2000s.

We're not trying to be harsh, but where has Chace Crawford been? Ed Westwick? For a time, the BFFs were the "it" guys of teenybopper TV. Nowadays?

You'll have to click through the gallery above to find out the answer.

Some cast members would likely prefer you not watch Gossip Girl online marathons so as to appreciate some of their more recent, and refined, work.

Yes, said work does actually exist in many of their cases. Seriously!

Gone are the days of barstool sex, text message and blogging scandals, and absurd love triangles that alternately made fans swoon over and curse the show.

Blake Lively moved on to a successful film career and recently launched her own lifestyle site, while a number of her former cast members are musicians.

One moved on to seek Revenge in the Hamptons, of course, while a number of them have made headlines with their personal lives more than their work.

Who are we referring to? Scroll through the slideshow to see!

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