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We’ve already seen what happens when a bored child visits the Oval Office.

But have you ever wondered what a bored Newfoundland looks like when attending a tea party thrown by his adorable young owner?

If so… wonder no longer!

In the following video, this large creature lies down on the floor, clearly uninterested in the festivities surrounding him. That is, until a plate of crumpets (read: crackers) are placed in front of him.

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This inspires the Newfoundland to shoot (as quickly as a dog as sizable as a Newfoundland can "shoot," that is), eat his crumpets in a couple quick bites…

… and then turn his attention to his fellow party attendee’s crumpets. Oh no!


As the woman behind the camera notes, this big guy has to learn some manners.

But at least the party’s host isn’t too disturbed by the inappropriate behavior. And at least we get to enjoy this entertaining video on a Monday morning.