Bad Girls Club Season 13 Episode 3 Recap: Who Lashed Out?

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Tuesday on Bad Girls Club Season 13 Episode 3, we started to wonder if any of these women really, at the end of the day, stand any chance of redemption.

They don't seem all that close to being redeemed. At all.

Nor is that the point of the show, we're guessing. At all.

Last week's display from Natalie really drove home the point that it is ALL about the drama and the in-fighting with this former band of BGC All-Stars.

Maybe they turn things around. Maybe they don't. Either way, the show is a guaranteed success based on the fireworks that are about to explode.

As for last night, on Bad Girls Club Season 13 Episode 3, we saw a different side of Jada start to emerge, due to poor Judi continuing to live in Natalie's shadow.

How did that turn out for the housemates?

Meanwhile, Camilla's personal belongings vanished, which tested her effort to change even more than ever. It's an uphill battle for her and for others. No doubt.

Follow the link above to watch Bad Girls Club online and tell us in the comments below: Do Natalie, Judi and company stand any chance at Redemption?

And just as significantly, do you care as long as you're entertained? Because if they were redeemed, awesome for them ... but where would Oxygen be?

Just curious.

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