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Bad Girls Club Season 13 Episode 1, the premiere of Bad Girls Club: Redemption, reassembled nine familiar faces from previous seasons of the hit show.

You can only imagine how that turned out. Totally drama-free (not).

No, Bad Girls Club Season 13 Episode 1 served as a fitting premiere to a season Oxygen has billed as “the best of the bad." So bad, it can only be good.

The cast members have been assembled to learn under the tutelage of Life Coach Laura, in a bid to control their tempers and reach their full potential.

Watch Bad Girls Club Season 13 Episode 1 Online
Watch Bad Girls Club Season 13 Episode 1 Online

The BGC cast: Alyssa “Redd” Carswell, Camilla Poindexter, Danni Victor, Jada Looney, Judi Jackson, Julie Ofcharsky, Natalie Nunn, Sarah Oliver and Rocky Santiago.

You can watch Bad Girls Club online to check out all their shenanigans, which we can’t really do justice to, but here’s a brief rundown on the premiere …

Camilla wants to change for the better. Julie reflects how she was known on her season as the villain, but this time hopes to make lifelong friends.

Judi just wants to get her DRANK on.


Sarah regrets instigating so many fights during her season, while Redd also admits she was a bully during her season in Chicago, which also starred Jada.

The two see that the other is there.

No fists flying yet. Baby steps. Although they admit there may be drama down the line if one of them starts something with the other, so who knows.

Here’s hoping it does not come to that.

Also, Redd tells the girls she is gay, but will only look and not touch. So there’s that. Danni hopes to be more mature this time around, and Natalie?

Well, Natalie is being all nice.

It’s weird, but she looks ready to turn over the newest of new leaves as everyone goes outside and toasts to growing together and working on themselves.

Perhaps headed to the club on a party bus wasn’t the smartest way to kick off the season, but that’s where we are, and the positive mood starts to unravel.

Judi loses RIGHT on cue.

Drunk Judi spills her drink on Danni, and finds living Natalie to be causing a lot of anxiety, which of course leads her to drink, and then she has beef with Julie.

Back at the house, Judi continues to drink more, and says that everyone there is fake. Later, Redd confronts Judi about her psychological problems.

Danni tells Judi that she’s acting like a "psycho three year old" and that "you and me are never going to be cool again,” as she kicks her out of the room.

Redemption? Anything can happen in the morning, she notes. Here’s hoping, because things did not start off on the best foot for her here on day one.