Airline Passenger Dies Mid-Air in Flight From Nigeria to New York, CDC Rules Out Ebola

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Fears of an Ebola epidemic in the United States worsened today as word spread that a passenger on a flight from Nigeria to JFK airport in New York City had died mid-air after vomiting profusely.

Health officials have ruled out Ebola as the cause of death, but some lawmakers have accused the CDC of not conducting a thorough enough investigation into the matter.

Congressman Peter King of New York claims that inspectors did only a "cursory" examination of the body before determining that the unidentified man was not infected by Ebola.

King claims that the handling of the remains exposed the unpreparedness of airline workers as well as health officials.

Following the death of Thomas Eric Duncan - a Liberian man who died of Ebola in a Dallas hospital - the ability of hospital and airline workers to contain the deadly virus has come under scrutiny.

After Dallas nurse Nina Pham contracted Ebola while treating Duncan, the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in which she works came under fire for not properly training and protecting its employees.

Pham defended the hospital, but the next day, the world learned that Amber Joy Vinson, a co-worker of Pham's had also contracted the disease.

Following that news, Briana Aguirre - who worked with both Pham and Vinson  -  spoke with NBC and stated that hospital workers were woefully unprepared for treating Ebola patients.

Vinson flew from Dallas to Cleveland with a slight fever soon after treating Duncan. She contacted the CDC before her flight and was told it was safe to travel.

As a result, dozens of people with whom she came contact in both Texas and Ohio have now been quarantined.

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