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In news that we’re sure will shock absolutely no one: Taylor Swift is a cat lady. No, we’re not making fun of Taylor’s single status or many failed relationships. She actually, literally loves cats.

Her fans are as familiar with Taylor’s female companions – Meredith and Olivia Benson – as they are with the lyrics of her songs.

Swifty’s pets are perfect, as they fit right in with our image of TayTay spending her weekends baking cookies, doing some light gardening, and then settling in for a Law & Order marathon on TNT (Olivia is named after Mariska Hargitay’s character on SVU).

Taylor’s love of cats is so well known that she even poked fun at it in a video she shot for American Country Music Awards. (Remember when she was a country singer?!)

Recently, however, Taylor has come under fire from cat advocates (cat-vocates?) for toting her docile kitties around Manhattan.

No pet carrier? No leash? At any moment, Olivia could go dashing all over NYC in hot pursuit of justice, just like her namesake!

But if you thought Taylor would do something careless or irresponsible when it came to her kitties, well you don’t know Swifty:

“The kitten freaks out about getting put in the cat carrier,” Taylor explained in a recent interview. “She freaks out when she’s in there, so I was like, ‘Okay, alright, we’re just gonna do this!'”

Taylor adds, “It was like a ten foot walk from my door to the car. What I thought was hilarious about those pictures that, like, the cat is looking straight at the cameras.”

So there you have it. Taylor has perfectly good reasons for bringing her cat along when she leaves her Upper East Side apartment to go do cool showbiz stuff while looking flawlessly stylish. 

Can she slip on a banana peel or something one of these days? We’re getting a little sick of all this perfection.