Taylor Swift is Needy and Boring, Talks About Her Cats on Dates, Ex Claims

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Taylor Swift may be providing dating advice to fans online these days, but according to a new report, the famously unlucky in love singer could use some romance tips of her own.

The latest issue of tabloid Star features an interview with an unidentified ex of Taylor's who has some interesting insights that may shed light on why she's so chronically single.

The ex (who Star notes is not a celebrity) says TayTay is every bit the old lady in a hot 24-year-old's body that the media has made her out to be.

The man not only describes Taylor as "super needy," he says she frequently commits the cardinal cat lady sin of steering the conversation to her furry friend Meredith:

"She talked about her cats all night," says the man, who adds that he and Taylor parted ways after just a few dates.

Naturally, Star speculates that this sort of behavior is the cause of all Taylor's romantic woes, and the main reason that she can't hold on to an A-lister, or even Zach Braff.

Okay we beg to differ.

Taylor has looked hotter than ever since she's been living in NYC, and the daily paparazzi shots of her strutting her stuff around Manhattan (see above) have made the Internet a better place.

We think most men would put up with endless litter box stories if it meant having a shot with a sexy young multi-millionaire. Which leaves two options:

  1. Taylor is super, super picky.
  2. She sabotages her relationships so that she'll have something to write songs about.

Either way, smart move, Swifty.

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