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Lisa Vanderpump’s bad behavior off-camera has reportedly reached the point that even her own family has cut ties with the “egomaniac” reality star.

But despite rumors that Vanderpump is broke and on the verge of selling both of her West Hollywood restaurants, the Beverly Hills Housewife and her husband Ken Todd are apparently showing no signs of getting their narcissistic tendencies in check.

Case in point: Josh Romine – who owns a bar located right next to Lisa’s newest restaurant – says that the Vanderpumps are so out of control that Lisa and Ken Todd have thrown random crap from their pockets in his face on several occasions.

Lisa Vanderpump on a Red Carpet

“Yesterday, Ken Todd threw a nickel at me,” Romine claims. “He said to me, ‘catch that!’ About a month ago, Ken and Lisa were walking by [my bar] and they threw a receipt at me. Lisa just laughed.”


While it’s kind of amusing to think of Lisa Vanderpump strolling down Santa Monica Boulevard throwing pocket change at fellow business owners, it’s not hard to see why Romine is so pissed off.

He says the Vanderpumps have made a point of referring to him as “riff raff” when they knew he was within ear shot, and have repeatedly gone out of their way to make his life more difficult.

Romine doesn’t plan to relocate, as his is the oldest gay bar in West Hollywood, but he believes he won’t be able to go on co-existing with Lisa and Ken Todd for much longer.

Hey, the Vanderpumps already sold one restaurant as a result of their increasingly desperate financial situation, maybe Romine wlll get lucky.

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